Friday, October 31, 2008

it's been a while ...

i've been browsing the Baguio City website for several days now and i can't help but to reminisce the past. i'm missing the old people in my life. my friends, old bosses, acquaintances, the place, the climate and my alma mater. these things have been a big part of what i am now so i won't ever forget them.

i am planning to visit friends next month (by the end of November i hope). actually, im excited and really wants to unwind and feel how's it is like to visit the place after almost 4 years of pretending to be busy with work hahaha. friends are also excited about one thing. we are having a REUNION!!! it is just in time. Tita Alma is very much willing to come all the way from Manila just to be with the group. same here - i am very much willing to spend time with friends and old workmates too.

it's been almost 7 years since i graduated from college. most of the group stayed in Baguio and got their own careers there. since i am a native of Pampanga, i decided to find my fate here. we seldom see each other due to our busy schedule and also lack of opportunity to meet. a get together is only possible whenever someone from the province visits Baguio. this happens once in a lifetime so everyone gets excited.

life in baguio is very simple. when i was still a student, i am only being given P300-500php/week for my living allowance. i buy everything from there. toiletries, food, school projects and even "pang gimik". but my parents never heard a complaint from me since everything was cheap there. at that time, we can ask for free veggies from the neighbor and live with that small amount of allowance and still be happy. this was one of the things that i love. here in Pampanga, everything is expensive. nothing is free and only few things are cheap. if you want a bigger salary, go for a call center career. but still, there are times that it is not enough. prizes, gasoline and fare always go up.

now, im wondering if Baguio is still the "simple" place that i used to know. since time changes and $ is fluctuating, will it still be the same? what are the changes that i should expect? these things need to be discovered soon. i just hope that i won't get disappointed.

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