Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NeW fWeNs

During my 2 week training in Cubao, I've gained a lot of friends. Cool friends, I can say :) Good to know that they were also cam addict like me hahaha We were 8 in Rm 703 from North and South Luzon area. Just wanna share some of our funny shots!

at the training room during our last day (Nosebleed day due to the long exam)

before going to the USSC Head oFfice

with our body guards (peace!)

during our day off (feeling bored)

feeling cute lahat!

where is the other body guard??? hmmm

while waiting for the exam

Miss you, guys! Hope to see you soon :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our CooKb0oK eXpeRieNce

it was such a blessing for us to be able to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary with the sun peeping out. after several days of heavy rains, i prayed for a sunny day on our anniversary. last friday was a memorable day for both of us. it's been three fruitful and lovely years together.

we visited the Carmelite Monastery in the morning and had lunch at a resto nearby. it was our first time to eat at Cookbook Kitchen. it was another nice experience which is now part of our good memories.

just want to share some shots inside the resto (while waiting for the foodie) :p

with my Nee

nee's foodie
(CBK chicken)

this is mine!
(Parmesan crusted white fish)

super salad

white and red tea

nice ambiance

the owner of my heart

savoring the food