Monday, October 6, 2008

aLL i WaNnA d0

i wanna travel by land, for its been several years since i last did it
i wanna ride a plane, for it would be my first time
i wanna walk by the seashore, for it gives me serenity
for my life is just simple and have neglected these things

i wanna sleep at night, for i'm always lacking one
i wanna watch late night shows, since its been a while since i enjoyed one
i wish i can visit a friend who lives far away from here
and spend more time with my family without thinking about work

oh, how i would love to relax and throw away
all the negative vibes around me
and be at wherever i want to go
let me break free and do things that i miss so much
for i can only do these things one more time

i hope i can do all of these again before its too late
for now is the right time and is the only given time
this is the chance that i have been waiting for
the time that is for me and for me alone

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