Saturday, October 18, 2008

d EnD iS nEaR!

"Saying goodbye is one of the hardest thing to do. See you later is better to say I guess."

People come and go. Change is the only thing permanent in this world. Things can't just always stay the way they are. There should be a movement, change or something different.

I started with AOL almost 7 years ago as a Santa Mail Consultant and at that time, we were on a contractual basis (for two months) and earns around P200/day. We used to answer emails from kids in the US who were asking for a lot of things from Santa. These children believes that Santa is for real and that he gives out presents/gifts to good kids. I enjoyed this job though.
After more than a month, I was then called and was hired for the regular job as a Billing Consultant. That was February 9, 2002. I had a 6 month training for email support then moved to Live Chat (where I stayed for the longest time) and soon - (February of this year) to the Phone queue.

With my employment here at AOL (not yet eTel), I have learned a lot about Customer Service and also gained a lot of friends too. I got several friends from Technical, Billing, CAT, MOST and even from the ISS (previously Jones Lange). Before, AOL is a very conjucive and friendly community. When eTel came into the scene, a lot of things changed and as I saw it, people started to feel the differences. I know that we also need to do out part in adapting to these changes but for most of us, we had a hard time in catching up.

After quite some time, people started to move to find a greener pasture outside the company. Others went abroad and some transferred to other call centers or companies. As for me, I am not going anywhere yet. I have decided to take some time to smell the flowers, watch late night shows, relax and perform household chores and be a plain housewife. I am not sure as to how long I can do this, but for now this is what I wanna do.

The time has come to end this chapter of my career. I am not sure as to what is waiting for me outside. Actually, I am leaving with a heavy heart just thinking about the people who have been a part of this chapter in my life. However, I really need this right now. I just hope that the new chapter will be a good one if not better.

So, to all the people who have been a great help to me (i am sure you know who you are) I want to first thank them. To my mentors (trainers and coaches) who always believed in me, my CSS who were always ready to help, and to all my team mates for the last 6 years. Thanks for accepting me for who I am and for sharing a friendship that will be cherished all the time.

To AOL/eTel, thank you as well. So starting October 24, MHIJobeth and JobethMariano is signing off.


tnapay said...

oh jobeth. i guess i am happy for you to be so brave in making this decision. you enjoy your time off and keep in touch. we have email, our blogs and text shempre. :)

see you soon for our crop party. :)

jEbE said...

thanks teens!i will still keep in touch and of course continue with my new talent hehhee (sana maging expert din me like you and kots)

im so happy that i've know great persons like you and i just hope that you won't forget me. pls continue to send me sample LOs and share your endeavors.

see yah around! ill be missin' you :P

tnapay said...

oh jebe. i will miss you too and we'll definitely keep in touch. :)