Thursday, March 24, 2011

aM i GettiNg ExCiTeD???

In about 40 hours, I will be in a plane going to Singapore for the first time. This is something very new to me due to several reasons : First, it is my first time to go out of the country. Second, it is only now that I get to travel alone which is thousands of miles away from home. Third, it is a rare opportunity to be totally independent most of the time. My hubby and I have thought of this for a very long time since it is a very big decision to make and we have weighed the pros and cons of it carefully. Though it would be very difficult for both of us, we just thought of the greater opportunity we can get if I will be blessed with a job there. Yes, it is indeed a big gamble if you are going to look at it. But, how can we succeed without trying and sacrificing, right?

As I leave hubby, a big adjustment should be made. We have to both do our part to keep our love alive despite of the distance. When we made this decision, I kept on praying every single day for GOD to guide and give me strength. For HIM to grant my request and be able to start a life that I have been praying for. A life which a lot of people will benefit.

I hate saying good byes so I want to just say " See you, later" instead. Whatever happens to me in SG, I will keep you posted. I just hope and pray that it will be a success. May the force be with me! :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SaVoriNg the ReMaiNiNg DaYs

Few more days and I'll be arriving in a foreign land for the first time. Actually, I am having mixed emotions since I'll be doing it alone and I have no idea how it will go. However, due to practical reasons I am ready to make some sacrifices. But despite of this fact, I am happy and touched since I am having more bonding moments with my good friends. Just last week, I was able to connect to some old friends from AOL. I haven't seen these guys for more than 2 years now so I really became excited to see them. They came all the way from Angeles City just to meet me. In addition to that sacrifice, they have paid for everything as their treat to me. I am really so lucky!

with Mariz, Bianca and Glecie

After the yummy lunch, another friend of mine happened to be in SM as well so we decided to meet. She was my former office mate from my recent job. Since we are still full, we just had a sweet dessert. I am glad that she enjoyed the sweet crepe which is her first time to try.

with Anne at Crepes and Cream

the evidence that she enjoyed her crepe

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BirThDaYS, BirThDaYS & MorE (Part 3)

Finally, here are the pictures taken during the last day of my birthday celebration. I was so happy since my close friends were complete. My best friends from my previous job and from high school were gathered together. As always, hubby prepared something special for me. :)

Siomai, chicken pasta and maki

the complete gang

Guys, thanks for spending some time with me on my special day. I always enjoy every moment we are together. You are my friends for life! Love you all :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BirThDaYS, BirThDaYS & MorE!!!

As promised on my previous post, I am now showing you our early summer get away as our joint birthday celebration. Last March 7 was the birthday of my brother in law, Jojo. Since it was the most convenient day for all of us, we had an overnight stay at Villa Alfredo's. (Part 1)

Loving their Jacuzzi. The water is not lukewarm though. But it still feels good.

Enjoying the nice garden :)

of course I shouldn't forget a picture with hubby

On the day of my birth -March 9 we went home to my parents for a simple celebration
(Part 2)

my simple cake

mom just cooked spag and pancit guisado (i forgot to take a pic of the turon)...Yummy!
... as for the third day, it's coming up soon! ...

Friday, March 4, 2011

FoR a ChaNgE

After a few months of battling whether to have a hair cut or not, I finally gave in! I am the type of person who seldom have a haircut since my hair grows very slow. They say that our hair should grown half an inch every month. So, in a year it should have grown by 6 inches. How I wish that's the case for me. Unfortunately, it's not. I often get envious to women who have long black and thick hair. Whenever I grow it longer, it is getting dull and thinner.

Few weeks ago, hubby and I went to Marquee mall for our bonding time. Before we went home, we passed by a spot where the sunset was so nice. We decided to take some shots and of course, me being the model. But then, he noticed that I was having a bad hair day so he teased and laughed at me. Since then, I told myself that I will be having a nice hair cut soon. Few hours ago, I was with my family at SM City and we passed by Ricky Reyes Salon. I told myself that this is the right time. I should try it to see for myself. I was having second thoughts but at that time, this is the only salon I saw. So, I still went on. The haircut was kinda costly but since it's my first time, I just didn't mind it that much. In fairness, I was happy with the result! The hairdresser even advised me not to let my hair grow beyond my shoulders. According to him, I should always have a layered cut and that, I have a nice hair.

Thanks Vivar for my new hair!

(front view)

(back view)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

aNotHer YeaR of ThaNksgiViNG

Few days from now, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday! I can't believe that I will soon be leaving the 20's age. Time flies and so our age. But, does age really matter? For some, it is a big deal but for others, it is just a number. But, whatever you believe in what's important is how we live to it.

Last year I was blessed by having a 3-day celebration and for this year, I am even more blessed! Since there are 4 of us in our household who will be celebrating their birthdays for this month, we decided to have a one day grand celebration. It will be held at a resort somewhere in San Fernando and we decided to have an overnight stay to make the most out of it.

We are all excited since we haven't done this in a while so hubby already filed his 2 day leave so he will be having a 4 day vacation. For sure this will be a great bonding moment for all of us. As early as yesterday, we have written down all the things we needed as well as the expenses. A detailed plan was set so that it will be a perfect get away. For now, this is all I can divulge but I promise a lot of pictures will be posted soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BesT ThiNgs iN LiFe

As they say, some of the best things in life are free. For me, one of the best things I have are my true friends. I have known these guys for several years now and it always feels good whenever we are having a get together. It maybe an expensive dinner, not quite expensive gimik or even a "jologs" night out but it doesn't matter as long as the people are still the same.

Few days ago, Au texted me saying .. " Mama, I'm on leave on Monday. Let's have some fishballs and one day old chicks." At first, I was surprised hearing that from her since she is a very successful career woman working in a multi national company in Ortigas. I never thought that she still misses eating street foods. As a "probinsyana", of course this is something normal to me and I immediately asked "Where?" but deep inside me, I am hoping that she won't say " Sa tabi tabi lang." lol ... Luckily, she has no idea so I was the one who suggested a place which is clean and in a safe location. So, we landed to ...

We really had a great time eating fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, orlian and sharks fin. It was just a very simple eat out but the memory was really unforgettable. Mixed with different stories to tell, we laughed our hearts out. It seems like we haven't seen each other for quite a while (the truth is, we just had a pre-Valentine lunch last Feb 13). I am really proud to say that, our barkada is one of the best and we always have fun wherever and whenever we meet.

After the simple merienda, it was running late so one suggested that we have dinner. We chose a cheap place which is actually like a carinderia but their bbq was so good. Mely's is located just infront of Partyplace. We had chicken and pork bbq, chicken ass, sisig and few bottles of beer for hubby and Au's bf, Whip. Before 10PM, we all decided to retire since Ca's hubby is going to work at 10PM (she wants to see him first before he leaves for work) and Au still needs to wake up early for work the following day. It was really really fun! All I can say is, let's do this more often, guys!