Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5th daY

whheeeww!!! this is the fifth day of my new life. no schedule to follow, no routine to adhere to and no job. since it's just a few days after i resigned, i still enjoy it though i've been busy for the last 4 days. my in laws arrived from the United States and i was the one who made sure that everything is in order before they arrived.

i am happy to finally take my longed vacation. though i am still at home, it feels different to have all the rest that you need. of course, i take care of a lot of things at home but still i am more relaxed. i am now a full pledged wife, daughter, sister, aunt and daughter in law.

******* ****************** *************

i made sure to find some time to go online since i missed writing blog entries. i am currently watching some videos and pictures taken in the United States by my sister in law. How i wish i could also go there! who knows what's in store for me, right?

For now, there's nothing more enjoyable done taking some time to rest and do whatever it takes to get relaxed. i don't really feel like working yet but im planning to look for a new job next year. i guess it won't be that fun anymore after a few months. i also get bored easily. but for now, im enjoying what i have.

******* *******************

All Saint's Day is about to come. It will be fun again since a lot of relatives are already here. All those who went to the US have arrived. I will be posting more entries soon.

Bye for now :)

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