Friday, March 12, 2010

oN tHe 3rD daY

As I have promised, here are the pics taken on the third day celebration of my birthday. Ate bought an ice cream for me then hubby added lasagna and ham and cheese rolls. It was a superb birthday for me!

Here is a nice shot with my new niece, Shanah. I am a proud aunt and ninang :)

with my ever smart niece, XySy at Tom's world

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my 29th bday!

I can't believe that I am a year older again! Soon, I will be out of the calendar hahha But my celebration for this year is the most extravagant. It is a three day celebration which started yesterday at the office. My office mate gave me a cake, then I bought spaghetti and my best friend bought an ice cream. It was like a children's party but I really appreciated it.

Today, on my birthday my hubby cooked for me. I was really touched since he was so tired in cooking for me. We had Ceasar's salad for the side dish, chili buffalo wings for the main course, potato mojos in lieu of the rice and Charlie Chan Chicken pasta for merienda.

Tomorrow, we will be going home and will have Lasagna, ham and cheese roll and ice cream (courtesy of Ate). I will be posting more pics tomorrow :) For now, here is what I got :

Monday, March 1, 2010

bEs JEaN's WeddiNg

Last February 28, 2010, my best friend Jean had her most important day. It was a simple, yet a solemn wedding. As the maid of honor, I was so glad to see her happy on that very special day.

at king's royale

with the gorgeous bride - Jean Manalastas Carreon
(on the phone is our best friend-Connie)

pictorial after the wedding