Thursday, August 4, 2011

SeNtoSa TiMe!

the lady life guard who doesn't know how to swim!

the father MerLion!

with my new friends while watching Songs of the Sea

with Rey and Riza

breath taking skide ride

ViSitiNg NiCe pLaCeS

a very amazing creation! the sounds travel til the other side of it

nice spot in Marina Bay

With my long time friend, Marne. She spent some time to bring me to nice places like Marina Bay.


This is Cheryl Lou who is my first friend on this trip. I met her at DMIA and we became friends instantly. She is so nice and really told me a lot about SG life. Because of her, I got some pictures before boarding the Cebupacific plane.

These are my circle of friends at my first job - AX Communications. I really enjoyed my stay because of them. We really had a lot of fun times and now I am missing them all :(

My FirSt SteP in SiNGaPoRe

March 26, 2011 - My first step in the MerLion City was made. This was my first time to go out of the country and it was really memorable. I traveled alone and was very clueless on what lies ahead of me. But my strong motivation was with me all the time and really made strong.

At around 4PM, my friend Realee picked me up at the Changi Airport. I can't hide the admiration I felt with the place since everything is amazing! Singapore is a very nice place to visit, a conducive place to work and a great place to stay. How I wish my husband was with me during this trip. :(

It's been more than three months now and this blog post was way too late. But, as they say it's better to be late than never, right?