Sunday, October 5, 2008

2nd LaYoUT

i can't believe that i am now working on my second lay out. actually, i am running out of ideas (as if i have lots :p) thanks to my best friend who spent some time with me in conceptualizing this lay out. as you know, i am not yet confident to create a new one with just my own ideas. well, as a beginner, i believe i am entitled on a learning curve hahaha

i am now on my finishing touches (after 4 hours!) while i am writing this post. i am thinking of some additional details so i decided to post an entry first. a few more pasting and it will be ready for posting! i can't believe this! hahahha

by the way, my new LO is about my best friends since high school. it's been a decade since we started our friendship and it is getting stronger, i guess. i am so blessed to have them in my life so i thought of making a small token showing them how i value our friendship.

unfortunately, the cable needed to save my pics is not working so i won't be able to show my LO for now.
but don't worry, i will upload it once i have it fixed by hubby. for now, i am glad that i have finished my second LO :) long way to go!!!

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