Sunday, December 28, 2008

ChrisTmaS 2008

Christmas Day has passed and the new year is fast approaching. I waited for this (Christmas) special day for several months and yet, it just swept away. Sometimes, we all expect this day to be extra ordinary wherein fact, it is just a simple day. Christmas for me is not just for a day, it is actually everyday! What we do during this day can also be done on regular days. This may not mean to give out gifts everyday but we can do simple good deeds on our everyday life.

When we attended a mass on December 25, Fr. Homer shared to us a very good message. He said that the message of God is just simple - going back to basic. Christmas is about being like a child. That means, being contented and satisfied on simple things. He used the children as a very good example. As we know, when we were a child we had no problems and we are worry free. As long as we can cry, eat and sleep we are fine. Unlike now that we grow older, we think about a lot of things. We entertain a lot of problems and most of the time makes us unsatisfied and not contented with what we have.

During the sermon, I was also contemplating and try to relate it to my personal life. Whenever I feel stressed out, I try to relax. Some of my things I do are : playing pc games, watching movies, surfing the net and playing to kids. These are just simple things that are proven to be effective. As they call it, these are called "theraphy".
This is my way of being a child. Worry free and happy.

I hope that each of us can also take some time to be like a child. Be simple and contented since that is what God wants us all to be.

By the way, I wanna share some pictures taken during Christmas. Simple pictures and yet captured my attention.

(my hubby during Laus' reunion-picture taken by Cheska)

(with little Cheska at Aunt Lit's place)

(my cutie niece - XySy during her first Christmas)

(with smart Josh and cutie Cheska)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For quite sometime, I was not able to follow the whereabouts of my fave band -- Bamboo. Today,
out of the blue I thought of them which is the reason why I wrote this.

It all started when the famous song 214 came out.
It was a nice love song which captured a lot of romantic young hearts. When I was in high school, I was able to watch them perform during a Town Fiesta and it was the first time I watched them live. Since then, I came to love them and became interested in anything about them.

That was not the first concert that I watched. A lot followed and Pampanga is one of the places they always return to. Every concert is a success and I can say that it's really worth every penny!

One thing that I love about Bamboo (lead singer) is his unique voice. Whether it is recorded or live, it is just the same. The soft and cold voice tends to capture each woman's heart. Also, following the voice is the meaningful lyrics they put on every melody. Every word strikes deep. Every song has a story to tell.

Right now, I was able to collect several Bamboo albums. I am hoping that they continue to make songs which leaves us a lesson and always remain in our hearts.

Monday, December 15, 2008

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right now, boredom starts to creep in. i can feel the routine i do every single day. i am running out of movies to watch. i am looking for new games to play. i am trying to think of other things to do. i always want to go out.

with all these, i can say that i am a certified bored! actually, i am now waiting for the next year to come.

when i resigned, i told myself that i would just be having some rest and vacation. maybe two months is really enough for that. i even told my colleagues that i have to see until when i can stand it.

my first week was my adjustment stage. i was not able to feel right away that i am not working anymore. within my first month, that was the time that i felt the "rest". i was able to watch late night shows, do some house chores and take care of my hubby. i can say that i am a certified house wife then. after the first month, that was when i started to feel the urge to go out most of the time since i can't do anything at home. after doing some chores (while hubby is as sleep), that is when i wanna go somewhere else. i always think of going to the mall but when i think of being alone, i just end up staying at home. that is the downside of being jobless. when everyone around you work, you won't have someone to go out with. (hahaha)

so... January 2009 is fast approaching. the year is about to end. a lot of things were missed again, goals not met, and dreams unfulfilled.

as for me, i just have to do what i have to. no more New Year's resolutions since i just tend to break them. no more goal setting since i believe that everything will just fall into place if i will just choose to. i just have to believe in myself and do my best.

welcome 2009!

Monday, December 8, 2008

BaGuiO gEt aWaY

at Mines View Park

at Koffi Klutch bar

at Leny's place

after the dinner

with Tita A. and Bench at Giligans

at SM Baguio parking lot

Sunday, December 7, 2008

addL. ShoTs

with pretty Auwee

with the gorgeous gals

the wacky shot

my partner (candle sponsors)

the wedding cake

the nice table (with our names on it)

the simple and yet elegant bride

Chei's wedding

December 6, 2008 - Our friend Chei Dimacali tied the knot at Batis Asul, Angeles City. She is now Cherry Grace Dimacali Reyes. The ceremony was a solemn one since it was attended by family, relatives and close friends. It would have been complete if our friend Erica was able to attend (please get well soon!) She missed a lot actually.

After the wedding, the celebration did not end there. We (my hubby, Auwee and me) went to Coffee Overdose and had some bottles of beer. It was an acoustic night and we enjoyed the music amidst the noise of the Tiangge in front of Essel Supermarket. We ended the night at around 11PM and was sad to be parting ways again. This was a special day, a day to remember. So, who will be next? :)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Today is a holiday and it was a long weekend for most of the people. But call center peeps love holidays and this was a double pay. :)

I had a long day and was able to
do a lot of things together with my friend Phoebe. We went to the market early in the morning then went to Trinidad to buy some stuff. We went straight to Good Shepherd for the famous ube and strawberry jam (my hubby's only bilin hahaha)

The reunion went well and we really had a lot of fun. Our old bosses were there as well as my old co workers. We had a lunch at Mam Glo's place then decided to stay until dinner. We all said goodbye at around 9PM.

Several years already passed and a lot of things also changed. Mam Beth already have two kids and Mam Glo has two grand daughters. I just wonder why people in Baguio seems to stay young. It has been 8 years now but they still look the same.

Different stories were told. Revelations were made. Laughter is everywhere. Happiness can be seen on each person's face.

I hope our Reunion can be done yearly. Though it is quite impossible, I hope that this day will remain on everybody's heart.