Friday, November 28, 2008

FirSt DaY

i was able to reach Baguio at 5PM after a six hour drive. i was alone and i felt lonely though i was really excited to see my old friends. we reached my friend's house before 6PM and we went to SM Baguio. i was surprised to see a lot of people though the mall is not that big compared to SM Pampanga.i had dinner with two of my friends and took some pictures which i will post later on. It really feels good to be back here where i spent a part of my life. college life is one of the good memories i had and will never forget. there are a lot of new things here. of course Baguio improved a lot. later on, we will be having some night out with friends and will see what Baguio has to offer me hahhaa

by the way, i will be visiting my Alma Mater later on (Saint Louis University) and i wanna see all the improvements it has for the last couple of years. i heard a lot of changes and i really wanna see them. i am excited since i will also be meeting old people in my life. my previous bosses, workmates and even friends.

for now, its still early and i am waiting for the water to get warm. you know what? the water here is even colder than our iced water in Pampanga. they said that the temp now is at 14 degrees. that's not cold yet but the water is. oh by the way, here is my first pic with friends : with Arlene and Phoebe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BaGuiO heRe i CoMe ...

It's been more than three years now since I last visited my favorite place, Baguio City. I was lucky to attend our mini reunion with college friends at that time. Though I really wanted to have the reunion yearly, it's just not possible. A lot of things to consider - my own schedule, money and my friends availability as well.

But since I resigned from work, I have all the time now. But, how about money? I was lucky enough to receive a small amount from by back pay and that is what I will be using for my short vacation. As for their schedule, I am glad that they are willing and flexible. The coming holiday is also perfect and just right in time.

Tita Alma, who will be coming from Manila is so excited since she was not around the last time that we had the reunion. Now, we will be complete just like the good old days. I can't wait to see my friends and my old bosses too. It's always been a memorable time being with old friends.

I will be leaving on Friday morning and expecting to arrive at around 4 afternoon. My friend Phoebe will be picking me up at the terminal and offered their house for me stay. I am so thankful that she did this since I can save some money for accommodations. I already have my itinerary ready and I hope that I will be able to follow it hihihihi Though following a schedule is difficult, it's still better to have one so you can be sure to do all of the things you needed to do.

After a few days, I will be posting our pictures. My friends also are camera addict like me! I promise, I will keep you posted. :)

d nEw MemBeR of d FaMiLy!

Finally, I was able to complete a new lay out. It's been a month since I resigned and its just recently that my "creative mind" popped in. (LOL)

Though its just very simple, I felt proud since I was able to use the eye lets that I wanted to use since I saw them. (Thanks to my previous Coach for giving me her hammer and eye let kit)

Since I am just a beginner, its really a nose bleed for me to come up with a new lay out. Creative inputs do not just come in. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete one.

I know I just need more practice and patience of course! Well, I am not in a hurry since all scrappers start with this stage, right? I just hope that I will become better soon.
So someone help me! hihihi

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Finally, my niece is now a Christian! She recently had her Baptism and was attended by family, relatives and close friends. It was a quiet event but was a day to remember. My niece was so adorable on her special day. She really entertained her guests and was able to get everybody's smiles.

This is my fave picture. She was looking at her Ninong AJ who is holding the digicam. She just love to have her picture taken.
What a cute baby :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

tHe CaLLinG

i was talking to my best friend in elementary one day and we were exchanging stories about what happened to us for the last several months that we have not communicated. i mentioned to her that i recently resigned from work and is taking some time to rest. she on the other hand, is very busy with work since she is working in a corporate world.

when we ran out of things to say about ourselves, we decided to talk about other people's lives - our classmates in elementary in particular. she told me that one of our classmates who was our salutatorian entered the convent. at first, i was surprised but then i told myself that it is something possible anyway.

i told her that i admired her for doing such a brave decision. let me give you a little of her background so you would better understand why this is such a big deal for me. she used to work in a big company in Manila for 5 years and was doing well in her career. when we had a reunion last year, she told us that her job is finally rewarding but she does not really enjoy what she does. actually, she is a licensed engineer and works in a company which specializes in creating programs/soft wares. at that time, i envied her since i can see that she had already accomplished a lot at a young age.

suddenly, i got interested in her "calling" and made some searches on her profile. i luckily found two blog sites writing about her calling and discernment. i was inspired on what i read and found out that since high school, she has been fascinated about nuns and the religious vocation. when she was in high school, she was a delegate to the World Youth Day and attended a lot of Youth Congresses. she was really meant to be in that vocation i guess.

sometime last year, she suddenly felt that there is still something missing in her life. given a good career, intelligence and good heart still make her empty. she even came to a point that she just drags herself to work and being motivated only because of the financial reward.

as i was reflecting on what happened to her and to the decision she made, i told myself that giving yourself into the religious vocation is really a life changing event. it does not just happen overnight. you really have to gauge yourself if you are ready for it and willing to leave everything behind. but once decided, there is no turning back. you have to fully give in to GOD's will.

this has been an eye opener to me today. i have reflected and seen that my faith is nothing compared to hers. she gave up everything for the LORD. as for me? what have i given HIM? is attending mass every Sunday enough to do HIS will? what else should i do to prove HIM that i want to follow this will?

i hope this will let all of us reflect and do more good to others. people sacrifice to do GOD's will and as for us who are just ordinary people, we can also do a lot. we can start to ourselves.
i always believe that doing something for others will go along way. it does not matter how big it is, what matters most is what good it did to others.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

latest internet craze!

i've seen a lot of these images lately. i believe this is the newest software invented for those who want to enhance their own pictures. it's cute though!
i tried to look for the website where you can create one and was fortunate to see it on one of the "Friendster comments" hahaha

now, i was enticed myself to try it and here is what i have! :)
cute, huh??!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

growing fast!

i can't help but to make "gigil" whenever i see my niece. she is growing so fast. at 4 months, she can already do a lot of things. i believe she is quite advance with the normal growth of a baby. with the different formula milk that kids take, we are seeing a lot of improvements as compared to kids before.

on the other side, my sister was not able to take advantage of breast feeding. since she is a working Mom, she was not able to give my niece the most nutritious milk of all. maybe, if XySy is breast feeding she might bigger :P

now, i am thinking if i really want to have my own baby now. given my situation (i am not working and have a lot of rest) i can easily have my own child but i am also in dilemma since i do not have my own income. it is still better if i am working since i can provide better for my child. many people tell me that it is now the right time to get pregnant. but for me, i am still thinking of practicality.

i hope i might be able to decide soon :)