Saturday, October 4, 2008

My FirSt LaYoUt

well, this is my first lay out since i decided to pay attention to scrap booking. actually, the materials were given by Yoyin during the first Crop Nite that i attended. she showed us her own lay out and let us do our own. what i did was, i changed some of the details to come up on my own.

the cutie baby here is my first niece named XySy (Xylene Synphonie). she is my sister's daughter and the first baby in our family. i was inspired to make her my subject since i love her picture taken a few days after she was given birth. now, she is already 3 months and growing so fast.

i would really want to create a new lay out but my problem is, i do not have any idea yet. i am currently looking for lay outs and designs from the internet so i can come up with mine. hoping that i can post my next lay out very soon!

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tnapay said...

hi jb. :) glad to read your blogger page. hihi.

like what i always tell you, create when you are in the mood. makakarami ka rin. you'll see what a de-stresser scrapbooking can be. :-D