Sunday, November 2, 2008

growing fast!

i can't help but to make "gigil" whenever i see my niece. she is growing so fast. at 4 months, she can already do a lot of things. i believe she is quite advance with the normal growth of a baby. with the different formula milk that kids take, we are seeing a lot of improvements as compared to kids before.

on the other side, my sister was not able to take advantage of breast feeding. since she is a working Mom, she was not able to give my niece the most nutritious milk of all. maybe, if XySy is breast feeding she might bigger :P

now, i am thinking if i really want to have my own baby now. given my situation (i am not working and have a lot of rest) i can easily have my own child but i am also in dilemma since i do not have my own income. it is still better if i am working since i can provide better for my child. many people tell me that it is now the right time to get pregnant. but for me, i am still thinking of practicality.

i hope i might be able to decide soon :)

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