Saturday, October 4, 2008

first post

wow, i can't believe that i have created a new blog site!

well, i have a personal blog with AOL however, i decided to discontinue it since the feature will sunset this month. i was just inspired by friends to create a new blog under this site. so, here i go! :)

i still don't know what to post here. :p i don't even have a new lay out for my scrap booking and don't even know when i can create a new one. i'm still waiting for my momentum hahaha

today is already Sunday and we get few calls. i am glad that i was able to take the free time in creating my blog and as well as posting my first few posts. i think i can't really live without blogs :(

as i have mentioned on my self "description", this my own way of releasing my stress, tension and other negative vibes that i feel. if others have hobbies to make them feel better, then i have my blog site to make things lighter.

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