Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UnOrDiNarY FeeLing

I've been restless lately. I don't understand what I feel right now. I've been an introvert. Yes, a total anti social freak. A "KJ" as they say it.

I've been receiving several invitations from friends lately. But, I haven't accepted any. I am having second thoughts since my worry is, I might just ruin the good mood. I am not in the mood for any social gathering. I just wanna be with myself. I think what I need are - personal reflections and soul searching. I think I lack peace of mind aswell. Huh! I am really in dilemma.

Just a few minutes ago, I have asked for forgiveness from a friend. I know I might miss her special day- birthday celebration. I am looking into options. I may accept it, but I am worried that the outcome will be bad. On the other hand, I may not accept it but what will my friend feel? I might hurt her. So, which is the lesser evil?

This is really hard for me. I just do not know why this is happening. What should I do?

Until now, I haven't thought of answers. Maybe I will follow what the late Cory Aquino always say "Magdasal kana lang."