Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BesT ThiNgs iN LiFe

As they say, some of the best things in life are free. For me, one of the best things I have are my true friends. I have known these guys for several years now and it always feels good whenever we are having a get together. It maybe an expensive dinner, not quite expensive gimik or even a "jologs" night out but it doesn't matter as long as the people are still the same.

Few days ago, Au texted me saying .. " Mama, I'm on leave on Monday. Let's have some fishballs and one day old chicks." At first, I was surprised hearing that from her since she is a very successful career woman working in a multi national company in Ortigas. I never thought that she still misses eating street foods. As a "probinsyana", of course this is something normal to me and I immediately asked "Where?" but deep inside me, I am hoping that she won't say " Sa tabi tabi lang." lol ... Luckily, she has no idea so I was the one who suggested a place which is clean and in a safe location. So, we landed to ...

We really had a great time eating fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, orlian and sharks fin. It was just a very simple eat out but the memory was really unforgettable. Mixed with different stories to tell, we laughed our hearts out. It seems like we haven't seen each other for quite a while (the truth is, we just had a pre-Valentine lunch last Feb 13). I am really proud to say that, our barkada is one of the best and we always have fun wherever and whenever we meet.

After the simple merienda, it was running late so one suggested that we have dinner. We chose a cheap place which is actually like a carinderia but their bbq was so good. Mely's is located just infront of Partyplace. We had chicken and pork bbq, chicken ass, sisig and few bottles of beer for hubby and Au's bf, Whip. Before 10PM, we all decided to retire since Ca's hubby is going to work at 10PM (she wants to see him first before he leaves for work) and Au still needs to wake up early for work the following day. It was really really fun! All I can say is, let's do this more often, guys!


AiDiSan said...

Hi JB,

I'm glad to read your post going out and have some eating session with your friends. I got a bit worried because of what happened, but now, knowing that you're okay, that's what matters.

Just like you, I always look forward to be with friends to destress and simply just have fun.

By the way, kindly follow my blog, I think that would help improve my page rank.

Thank you in advance. Hope to read more new post in your blog.

Take Care!

ChinaDoll said...

Friends are like wine...they get better and better with time. It feels very relaxing to spend some quality time with friends right? I hope we could hang out soon with Arc and the gang!


jb said...

@aidisan : thanks much for the concern. i am also glad that i feel better now. i can say that i am being healed faster than i thought. with the help of prayers, we are going through it smoothly. thanks for the prayers.
btw, how do i follow your blog? do i need to do anything else since i have already saved your site before?

@collyn: yes, i agree on that! yeah i do hope we can go out again with nhey, arc, tetie and the others soon. i'll look forward to that! mishu.

AiDiSan said...

Hi JB,

Just click on the "Follow" Button found at the righ side of my blog where you will see photos of my followers.

Thank you:)