Thursday, March 24, 2011

aM i GettiNg ExCiTeD???

In about 40 hours, I will be in a plane going to Singapore for the first time. This is something very new to me due to several reasons : First, it is my first time to go out of the country. Second, it is only now that I get to travel alone which is thousands of miles away from home. Third, it is a rare opportunity to be totally independent most of the time. My hubby and I have thought of this for a very long time since it is a very big decision to make and we have weighed the pros and cons of it carefully. Though it would be very difficult for both of us, we just thought of the greater opportunity we can get if I will be blessed with a job there. Yes, it is indeed a big gamble if you are going to look at it. But, how can we succeed without trying and sacrificing, right?

As I leave hubby, a big adjustment should be made. We have to both do our part to keep our love alive despite of the distance. When we made this decision, I kept on praying every single day for GOD to guide and give me strength. For HIM to grant my request and be able to start a life that I have been praying for. A life which a lot of people will benefit.

I hate saying good byes so I want to just say " See you, later" instead. Whatever happens to me in SG, I will keep you posted. I just hope and pray that it will be a success. May the force be with me! :-)

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ChinaDoll said...

Have a safe trip jebe bebe! I know that this is a big big change for your and hubby but God will always make better plans for you. He will guide you and SG is just not that far from PI...just tell your hubs na abangan mga promo ng cebu pacific para pag day off nya he can visit you! o diba bongga!

♥be safe dear and hugs♥