Saturday, March 19, 2011

SaVoriNg the ReMaiNiNg DaYs

Few more days and I'll be arriving in a foreign land for the first time. Actually, I am having mixed emotions since I'll be doing it alone and I have no idea how it will go. However, due to practical reasons I am ready to make some sacrifices. But despite of this fact, I am happy and touched since I am having more bonding moments with my good friends. Just last week, I was able to connect to some old friends from AOL. I haven't seen these guys for more than 2 years now so I really became excited to see them. They came all the way from Angeles City just to meet me. In addition to that sacrifice, they have paid for everything as their treat to me. I am really so lucky!

with Mariz, Bianca and Glecie

After the yummy lunch, another friend of mine happened to be in SM as well so we decided to meet. She was my former office mate from my recent job. Since we are still full, we just had a sweet dessert. I am glad that she enjoyed the sweet crepe which is her first time to try.

with Anne at Crepes and Cream

the evidence that she enjoyed her crepe

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ChinaDoll said...

Where are you going Jebe? YYiiihhhh I was hoping that i'll get to see you sooonn :(