Saturday, March 12, 2011

BirThDaYS, BirThDaYS & MorE!!!

As promised on my previous post, I am now showing you our early summer get away as our joint birthday celebration. Last March 7 was the birthday of my brother in law, Jojo. Since it was the most convenient day for all of us, we had an overnight stay at Villa Alfredo's. (Part 1)

Loving their Jacuzzi. The water is not lukewarm though. But it still feels good.

Enjoying the nice garden :)

of course I shouldn't forget a picture with hubby

On the day of my birth -March 9 we went home to my parents for a simple celebration
(Part 2)

my simple cake

mom just cooked spag and pancit guisado (i forgot to take a pic of the turon)...Yummy!
... as for the third day, it's coming up soon! ...

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