Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's BeeN 40 DaYs ...

Baby, it's been 40 days since you joined the Lord Almighty. As they say, you now leave the earth permanently. That means, Mommy and Daddy will miss you forever. You know, it is still painful for Daddy and Mommy (specially me) knowing you won't be back anymore. But with just a prayer, my longing for you decreases. I am sure that you are now happy in heaven and that makes me at ease. I just hope that you tell Papa Jesus to let me see you even in my dreams. Just once please. Even for just a while, I would be very thankful.

As you know, I was not able to see your pretty face when I gave birth to you. I just don't know why. Even when you were blessed, the priest did not allow me to. And when we were about to take you out of the hospital, the nurse advised me not to open you up. Whenever I think of what has transpired, I realize a lot of things. So, I thought that GOD made it that way. In that case, the pain I feel will not be too heavy to carry.

Baby, don't ever think that Mommy did not take care of you. I really did my best and you know how much I like you. I waited for you so long and I won't let you go. However, things happen for a reason that we do not have control of. Things that only GOD knows why it should happen. Since we are not there with you, Papa Jesus will take care of you. Also, some of our relatives will watch out for you.

So, for now we won't say Goodbye rather, See you later. I know that in time, we will be together. To my daughter - Adrianne Jasmine, mommy loves you so much. Don't worry, you will have a baby sister/brother at the right time.

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