Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wheeww...This is cute! I received these awards from my former coach and also a friend, Rome.
She also asked me to mention FIVE addictions and pass the awards on to other fabulous blogs.

Well, I am addicted to:

1) Surfing the net when i have a lot of thoughts and ideas in my mind
2) Taking Pictures during a precious moment
3) Scrapbooking while my hubby is asleep
4) Watching movies while eating junk foods
5) Writing for my blogs

I am awarding the above-mentioned awards to:
2. Leley
3. Kots Rome
4. Teens

Guys, enjoy your awards! and please pass it on to other fabulous blogs. Thanks!


tnapay said...

jb ;-) thank you for the honor. what's up with you nowadays? i see that you now have time to scrap. :-D keep it up ok.

CoLine said...

pretty gurl! thanks for the award...appreciate it so so much!

Ley said...

yey! im 1 of them! thanks te jb! im touched.. :) c u this thursday.. mwah!