Wednesday, January 21, 2009

HoW is Year 2009 for Me?

I saw this article from one of my blogs and got interested. I decided to post it to see if these things will become true this year. I do not totally rely on it, but its good to check if something will come into being. It's fun to read predictions too!

2009 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Chicken years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

Chicken people had a better luck than most of people last year. The best parts were in career and wealth area. The good luck of Chicken people will continue to carry over in 2009, year of Cow. Since the foundation of previous preparations, Chicken people can manage their tasks with half the efforts and yield twice the result. However, more Unlucky Stars gathering in 2009, Chicken people will face more blockages and troubles than 2008. Chicken people have to do more analysis in advance, carefully plan their approaches, watch their progress, prepare for unexpected obstacles, if they want to meet their expectations as 2008.

Career: There are two strong Lucky Career Stars appearing in 2009. The signs indicate your have steady career luck. You have potential in your career performance or business development. That means you have a chance to gain more power, responsibilities and even get a job promotion. So you can plan for your strategy to push your goal and deliver an outstanding achievement. Then your reputation will help you to create the career opportunity. However, there are some tiny Unlucky Stars coming in the same time. Therefore, someone might appear to question your plan, weaken your judgment and block your performance. You must handle all the issues with caution to avoid moving your plan to the wrong direction, otherwise you will lose your career opportunity.

Money: Since your career luck is good. There is a chance of job promotion. There also is a Lucky Money Star showing in this year. That means not only your job performance brings your more money, also your money investment will increase your wealth. In short, you will have money income from different sources. However, you may like to enjoy your luxury life. Because of your vanity and extravagance, you will spend most of your money and only with a little saving.

Love: Many Chicken people are full of emotion. Their hearts are easily moved with passion when meeting a opposite sex. They are very attentive and considerate to people. Chicken and Cow have the attraction relationship, but there is an Unlucky Star appearing in love area. This sign implies a temptation and misunderstanding between love relationship. If you are a single, then you might have the chance to meet the opposite sex, but you still cannot catch any love relationship in the end. If you are already in love, your relationship will face the challenge. Someone might stir up trouble between you and your lover. If you cannot handle it well, you might lose the relationship. If you are married, the third party might involve your marriage life. You need to carefully manage the situation to save your marriage.

Health: There two Unlucky Stars showing in the health area. The hint of signs is related to bleeding, breaking and accident. Therefore Chicken people need to pay more attention on their safety and health. You need to carefully use danger tools every time. You have to stay alert on the street. You must focus when driving. You should watch any unsafe object around your environment at work and at home to avoid unnecessary accident caused by neglect.

Fortune: Basically, Chicken people have good luck in 2009, year of Cow. The main reason is the Chicken and Cow have the attraction relationship. They only have poor luck in health. The love relationship is fair. But the career luck and money luck are pretty good while comparing with others. The best part is the money opportunity. As long as you don't spend too much, your wealth will increase a lot. As for love, you need to spend more time with your partner with frank and sincere attitude to stop misunderstanding caused by others. In health, you should make sure you have enough time to rest and watch for your safety at home and outside.

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