Wednesday, January 21, 2009

McDo commerciaL

Since I resigned, I just stay at home and I watch TV most of the time. I watch the Kapamilya shows as well as commercials. Recently, one commercial strucked me. It is the latest advertisement for my favorite fast food, Mc Donalds.

The TV ad is about two persons who have know each other since they were kids. They met at McDonalds with their Moms. They played together and became friends until the time that the girl got married and had a kid. The sad part there was, the girl introduced her husband to the guy not knowing about the guy's feelings for her. They guy kept his love for her and never had the courage to tell her about it. But what I like about the commercial was the last part. The moment when he said that "Kahit hindi kami nagkatuluyan sa huli, sya parin and first love ko."

That was a very sweet line. I just can feel the love of the guy! I just hope that it did not end that way :p


Ley said...

i love this ad too! :)

Summer said...

i know that commercial too..and im also sad about the ending..