Monday, December 1, 2008


Today is a holiday and it was a long weekend for most of the people. But call center peeps love holidays and this was a double pay. :)

I had a long day and was able to
do a lot of things together with my friend Phoebe. We went to the market early in the morning then went to Trinidad to buy some stuff. We went straight to Good Shepherd for the famous ube and strawberry jam (my hubby's only bilin hahaha)

The reunion went well and we really had a lot of fun. Our old bosses were there as well as my old co workers. We had a lunch at Mam Glo's place then decided to stay until dinner. We all said goodbye at around 9PM.

Several years already passed and a lot of things also changed. Mam Beth already have two kids and Mam Glo has two grand daughters. I just wonder why people in Baguio seems to stay young. It has been 8 years now but they still look the same.

Different stories were told. Revelations were made. Laughter is everywhere. Happiness can be seen on each person's face.

I hope our Reunion can be done yearly. Though it is quite impossible, I hope that this day will remain on everybody's heart.

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