Sunday, December 28, 2008

ChrisTmaS 2008

Christmas Day has passed and the new year is fast approaching. I waited for this (Christmas) special day for several months and yet, it just swept away. Sometimes, we all expect this day to be extra ordinary wherein fact, it is just a simple day. Christmas for me is not just for a day, it is actually everyday! What we do during this day can also be done on regular days. This may not mean to give out gifts everyday but we can do simple good deeds on our everyday life.

When we attended a mass on December 25, Fr. Homer shared to us a very good message. He said that the message of God is just simple - going back to basic. Christmas is about being like a child. That means, being contented and satisfied on simple things. He used the children as a very good example. As we know, when we were a child we had no problems and we are worry free. As long as we can cry, eat and sleep we are fine. Unlike now that we grow older, we think about a lot of things. We entertain a lot of problems and most of the time makes us unsatisfied and not contented with what we have.

During the sermon, I was also contemplating and try to relate it to my personal life. Whenever I feel stressed out, I try to relax. Some of my things I do are : playing pc games, watching movies, surfing the net and playing to kids. These are just simple things that are proven to be effective. As they call it, these are called "theraphy".
This is my way of being a child. Worry free and happy.

I hope that each of us can also take some time to be like a child. Be simple and contented since that is what God wants us all to be.

By the way, I wanna share some pictures taken during Christmas. Simple pictures and yet captured my attention.

(my hubby during Laus' reunion-picture taken by Cheska)

(with little Cheska at Aunt Lit's place)

(my cutie niece - XySy during her first Christmas)

(with smart Josh and cutie Cheska)

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