Monday, December 15, 2008


right now, boredom starts to creep in. i can feel the routine i do every single day. i am running out of movies to watch. i am looking for new games to play. i am trying to think of other things to do. i always want to go out.

with all these, i can say that i am a certified bored! actually, i am now waiting for the next year to come.

when i resigned, i told myself that i would just be having some rest and vacation. maybe two months is really enough for that. i even told my colleagues that i have to see until when i can stand it.

my first week was my adjustment stage. i was not able to feel right away that i am not working anymore. within my first month, that was the time that i felt the "rest". i was able to watch late night shows, do some house chores and take care of my hubby. i can say that i am a certified house wife then. after the first month, that was when i started to feel the urge to go out most of the time since i can't do anything at home. after doing some chores (while hubby is as sleep), that is when i wanna go somewhere else. i always think of going to the mall but when i think of being alone, i just end up staying at home. that is the downside of being jobless. when everyone around you work, you won't have someone to go out with. (hahaha)

so... January 2009 is fast approaching. the year is about to end. a lot of things were missed again, goals not met, and dreams unfulfilled.

as for me, i just have to do what i have to. no more New Year's resolutions since i just tend to break them. no more goal setting since i believe that everything will just fall into place if i will just choose to. i just have to believe in myself and do my best.

welcome 2009!

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