Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For quite sometime, I was not able to follow the whereabouts of my fave band -- Bamboo. Today,
out of the blue I thought of them which is the reason why I wrote this.

It all started when the famous song 214 came out.
It was a nice love song which captured a lot of romantic young hearts. When I was in high school, I was able to watch them perform during a Town Fiesta and it was the first time I watched them live. Since then, I came to love them and became interested in anything about them.

That was not the first concert that I watched. A lot followed and Pampanga is one of the places they always return to. Every concert is a success and I can say that it's really worth every penny!

One thing that I love about Bamboo (lead singer) is his unique voice. Whether it is recorded or live, it is just the same. The soft and cold voice tends to capture each woman's heart. Also, following the voice is the meaningful lyrics they put on every melody. Every word strikes deep. Every song has a story to tell.

Right now, I was able to collect several Bamboo albums. I am hoping that they continue to make songs which leaves us a lesson and always remain in our hearts.

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