Friday, November 28, 2008

FirSt DaY

i was able to reach Baguio at 5PM after a six hour drive. i was alone and i felt lonely though i was really excited to see my old friends. we reached my friend's house before 6PM and we went to SM Baguio. i was surprised to see a lot of people though the mall is not that big compared to SM Pampanga.i had dinner with two of my friends and took some pictures which i will post later on. It really feels good to be back here where i spent a part of my life. college life is one of the good memories i had and will never forget. there are a lot of new things here. of course Baguio improved a lot. later on, we will be having some night out with friends and will see what Baguio has to offer me hahhaa

by the way, i will be visiting my Alma Mater later on (Saint Louis University) and i wanna see all the improvements it has for the last couple of years. i heard a lot of changes and i really wanna see them. i am excited since i will also be meeting old people in my life. my previous bosses, workmates and even friends.

for now, its still early and i am waiting for the water to get warm. you know what? the water here is even colder than our iced water in Pampanga. they said that the temp now is at 14 degrees. that's not cold yet but the water is. oh by the way, here is my first pic with friends : with Arlene and Phoebe

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