Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BaGuiO heRe i CoMe ...

It's been more than three years now since I last visited my favorite place, Baguio City. I was lucky to attend our mini reunion with college friends at that time. Though I really wanted to have the reunion yearly, it's just not possible. A lot of things to consider - my own schedule, money and my friends availability as well.

But since I resigned from work, I have all the time now. But, how about money? I was lucky enough to receive a small amount from by back pay and that is what I will be using for my short vacation. As for their schedule, I am glad that they are willing and flexible. The coming holiday is also perfect and just right in time.

Tita Alma, who will be coming from Manila is so excited since she was not around the last time that we had the reunion. Now, we will be complete just like the good old days. I can't wait to see my friends and my old bosses too. It's always been a memorable time being with old friends.

I will be leaving on Friday morning and expecting to arrive at around 4 afternoon. My friend Phoebe will be picking me up at the terminal and offered their house for me stay. I am so thankful that she did this since I can save some money for accommodations. I already have my itinerary ready and I hope that I will be able to follow it hihihihi Though following a schedule is difficult, it's still better to have one so you can be sure to do all of the things you needed to do.

After a few days, I will be posting our pictures. My friends also are camera addict like me! I promise, I will keep you posted. :)

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