Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Adventure for 2013

In the past year (2012), hubby and I worked hard to earn a living. As for me, I was busy doing online jobs in order to raise funds for our house construction and hubby was working overtime just to satisfy all our needs. Though 2012 has been tough, it was a blessed year for both of us. During this year, we were able to get a small house in Angeles City (through Pag-ibig Fund) and had a chance to get a second hand car. All these happened through our combined efforts just to  have a better life. In fact, we were so thankful and grateful that we accomplished all these in the same year. Our combined monthly income increased, so it was pretty easy for us to save and plan for the future. 

Due to the hard work and sacrifices that we did, I decided to take a break and enjoy life. In the same year, a friend, who is currently working in Singapore asked me to become a godmother to her baby girl. Since she is a native of Baguio City, she decided to have the baptism in her home town. When I learned about this, I was pretty excited because I have a chance to take a short vacation. At first, I was quite unsure if hubby would want to go with me. When I first told him about it, he was totally undecided due to his work and schedule. Despite that, I still hoped that he can go with me.

Two weeks before the baptismal, hubby decided to go with me. But then, he had a demand. Yes, he was quite demanding! :) He wanted to stay in a nice hotel and most of the expenses to be shouldered by me. At first, I had second thoughts, but when I realized that it can be a nice and romantic getaway, I agreed right away. Preparations were made, and I put my reservations to Hotel Veniz, after several days of looking for cheap, and nice accommodation.

January 17 (Thursday) Day 1 - Hubby worked the night before, so I decided to wait for him at the Dau terminal. At around 9AM, we were already seating comfortably in Victory Liner bus 1265 bound to Baguio City. I've noticed several improvements in this bus and some of these are : flat screen television, wi-fi spot, newer buses, friendly staff, and comfortable travel. At around 2:30 in the afternoon, we were already in our hotel room. 

Unfortunately, hubby got sick due to fatigue and his health condition. At around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, he was chilling and his temperature was so high. I decided to go out to buy him some medicine and dinner. On our first night in Baguio, I let him sleep as long as needed to get well. I had dinner with Phoebe and my new friend, Kuya Chris, who works for BENECO.

Since hubby was sick, I also decided to retire early for the night. At around 11PM, we were both resting. But before I slept, I told him that he should be feeling better in the morning since we have so many activities to do.

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