Tuesday, February 1, 2011

L0Ve AnD HeaLiNg

Its been three weeks now since I lost my precious baby girl. It was a very painful journey for us but we still managed to keep our faith. With the help of GOD's love and grace, we are able to go through each day of our lives.

As they say, GOD never gives us trials which we can't bear. When HE closes a door, HE opens a window. These saying maybe typical but I always believe in them. These have been my guiding principles that's why I am getting stronger.

Few more days and it will be our baby's 40 days since her death. Will I be fully recovered by then? Only time can tell and only the Lord can make it happen. As for now, I just do my part. I always pray for her soul and also for our healing as well.

Despite of what happened, GOD is still good since HE gave me a lot of good persons to lean on. I have my very supportive family - parents, sisters and brothers. And on top of that, a very loving HUSBAND.

During the time of my mourning, my husband never left my side. With just the warmth of his embrace, everything turns out fine. I felt so secure and loved. LOVE helps heal all wounds and TIME completes the healing.

LORD, we lift everything to you now. May your will be done. When the right time comes, we will gladly accept another gift of life from you. In your own time, may it be done.


ChinaDoll said...

I know you'll recover about what happened, just keep it in mind that God have bigger plans for you...maybe it's not yet the right time..but I am very sure, He will give you another baby...for the meantime, keep on smiling because you have an angel looking after you and your hubby always. miss you Jebe!

tnapay said...

i feel for you JB. i hope one of these days, we can get together. and i want to bring ruben with me. i am hoping that when you get to hear of our experience from him, it might lessen the pain. but as what i have told you, brace yourself but i am sure you will find the strength you thought you never had. i did. i mean i still am.

ChinaDoll said...

I am tagging you Jebe Dear...check mo to: