Monday, January 10, 2011

GoodBYe my BabY AnGeL

Three days ago, you were just inside me
I can still feel you kicking and stretching
The happiness I feel every time you are awake
Cannot be replaced with anything in this world

Suddenly, everything changed
With just a drop of blood, it all started
It all went too fast that I can't imagine
With just a few hours, you are about to come out

We are so happy to be with you
To hold you in my arms and feel your warmth
However, there is a right time for that
At this moment my love, it is not yet right

For now, all we can say is GOODBYE.
But this is not yet the end of all
I know we will meet someday
At the right time, we will be together

Baby, before you go please listen to Mommy
For you to tell GOD my only wish
That you remain always on our side
To be our guide, our ANGEL for life


ChinaDoll said...

Jebe thoughts and prayers....sis, I am sure that your Baby Angel is right beside you at this very moment touching your hand and she wants to let you know that everything is gonna be okay. God has better plans for your and AJ. Just stay strong and continue to trust in HIM. Love you and miss you dear! =)

AiDiSan said...


This is a very saddening news, I know how much you wanted that baby. But don't worry JB, things happen for a reason...the best is yet to come for you and your hubby. Remember, God knows best!