Thursday, December 23, 2010

bebe@20 weeks

Tomorrow, December 24th my baby turns 5 months! Time runs so fast and after a month, we can already know the gender (this is what we've been waiting for!) I've been so excited and wanting to know if I will be naming a girl or a boy. I've been wanting to buy baby stuff already but oldies say that I should do it on a later time. Huh! One of my friends advised me not to have an ultrasound for it to be a surprise one but I instantly said "No!" since I really wanted to prepare the baby's stuff and other things in advance. For me, it would be easier and convenient to have all the stuff prepared with proper "color". Pink and Blue are very important colors in a baby's life as well as for the parents. I don't want to guess every now and then until I give birth or, just buy stuff which are unisex. (it's hard to find those nowadays!)

I am so excited to have an ultrasound next month on my check up, however, Dra will be giving birth as well! I have no choice but to wait for her :( In that case, it would be done by February which is an additional agony for me. hahaha I just hope GOD grants us what we are praying for and if not, it's fine! It is still a blessing and for as long as the baby is healthy, we are very thankful for it.

So, Christmas is around the corner! Our little angel is the best gift I've received so when hubby asked me what gift I want, I can't think of anything. Maybe, its because I am so blessed in many ways and that, this little angel completes us.

To GOD be the Glory! Thank you for this gift of life.
..And to our Lord Creator, Happy Happy Birthday!

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