Monday, November 15, 2010

bebe@14 weeks

Last Saturday, we visited my OB-Gyne again and it was a very positive one. We were so happy since my lab test results were all good and so far my sugar is normal. Dra said that if my FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) result for next month is good, we might stop the intake of Metformin (medicine which controls sugar). I was also surprised since I have not gained weight for more than a month now. Actually, I am only allowed to gain a kilo per month since I am already overweight (huhuhu).
Baby's heartbeat is very fast and Dra did not have a hard time locating it unlike before. She said that my baby also grew bigger and soon I should expect some movements. Actually, I am getting excited each month since by Christmas time, my tummy will be bulging.

This is how my baby looks like at 14 weeks :


Nikki San said...

Just hang on there baby, in a few months time you'll see the beautiful world. :)

collynn said...

Jebe, I wanna see you wearing a maternity dress na =) In a few more weeks, malikot na si bebe jebe nyan ;)