Thursday, October 14, 2010

BaBy DyoCo

I Just had another ultrasound last Tuesday to make sure that the blood formed inside my womb is already gone. I was so happy when Dra. Ann told me that my baby is stronger and the heartbeat is even faster. We were so worried since the first ultrasound showed a blood formation inside which can actually lead to the death of the baby if not given proper attention. Though I still had some spotting the week before, I am now confident that we are both safe. All I need is more rest and was advised to get back to work by the first week of November since the baby will turn 3 months by then. That will be the end of the danger for me.
Right now, I am still extra careful since I might still bleed anytime. But, thanks to my OB-Gyne who is very caring and really shows genuine concern for our safety.


dylan said...

that's a very good news fren.. God bless you and your dear baby. ingats! :-)

Nikki San said...

Hey hey, congratulations!!! :) I'm so happy for you! This is the best gift ever from Him. Stay safe!

ChinaDoll said...

hi jebe bebe! how's the baby! be safe always..miss you! muah♥