Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a Man oF GoD

When I was in college (about a decade ago), I started collecting books. And since I was just a student at that time, I can only afford second hand books. My fave author then was Danielle Steel and I was buying her novels for 90php at a second hand book store. Since every penny was important, I took care of all the books I bought. Until now, I have my Danielle Steel collection at my improvised book shelf at home.

When I became older, I decided to collect another type of book. This time, I love buying inspirational/spiritual books. One time, I came across a writer who is very inspiring. His name is BO SANCHEZ. The first book I've read was entitled You Can Make Your Life Beautiful. Guess where I got it! I just saw it in one of the rooms at home and the owner is even unknown
(lucky me). So, I took hold of the book (without permission from whoever the owner is) and started reading it. I eventually loved it and started looking for more of his books. That is when I started collecting. Then, I got the Thank GOD He'S the Boss and Fill your Life with Miracles. Every page of his book is worth every penny! Each book has short stories where you can relate and reflect in your own. It's like Bo is just sitting beside you and telling a lot of stories. That is how personal his books are. HE is indeed the instrument of the LORD guiding us all the time.

After reading some of his books, I have learned not just his personal experiences but also what he does for others. Bo is not just a writer. He is also a servant of the LORD and the people. Bo is the founder of several organizations wherein the only goal is to serve the LORD by helping the less fortunate ones. He is a man of many missions.

One time, as I read the last page of his book I have seen an ad where he was asking for help so he can continue his missions. By buying some of his works, you are able to help different charitable institutions and organizations. Bo is writing books, magazines and even preach to different parts of the country and other countries. So, by buying books or magazines, you are helping a lot of people to live.

So, I tried to subscribe to their Kerygma magazine for 2 years. I will be receiving 24 issues and my first two issues had some freebies! I got a nice rosary bracelet and a book for Bo.

Just want to share them to you :

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