Sunday, October 18, 2009

i Just Love 'Em!

My hubby and I went to SM yesterday to buy some stuff for him. We went around the new department store looking for some things. It was so nice since it was newly renovated. Eveything is in order and it seems very spacious. The lighting is also perfect but the floor is so slippery. But then, I can say that, now, it is way far better than the old style.

We were so lucky to find hubby's stuff is such a short time. Originally, I have no plans of buying anything until we came across the ladies' footwear. My fave spot is the one for "big sizes" since I was born with an extra inch on both feet :) I was about to leave when I spotted a pair of shoes in one corner! It suddenly winked at me! My attention was diverted and so I have no choice but to try it. It was perfect so I went home with an additional pair for my collection.

It was worth it! I love them!

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NYOG said...

wow these are gorgeous shoes ha.. ;)
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