Monday, November 2, 2009

aLL SaiNt's DaY '09

Benguet, having been devastated by typhoons made its products expensive and even decrease in quantity. The most famous among them are the different flowers being planted in La Trinidad. The effect? Flowers here (lowlands) are very pricey and there are lesser options to choose from. As for me, I am lucky that one of our customers own a flower stall so I just ordered one from him at a reasonable price.

Upon entering Good Shephered Cemetery, I noticed that there are lesser people as compared last year. I cannot really tell the reason why but there are some possible scenarios. One is, October 31 is a Saturday so a lot of working people had the time to visit earlier. I even remember one of our neighbors at the cemetery since they start their visit a day before November 1. They bring almost everything there. From foods to appliances! It is so fun to see them making the occasion a family reunion to look forward to every year. Also, some people from far places may have canceled their visit due to the typhoon Santi. Just two days before the occasion, we experienced some rains and heavy winds. This is also a reason why others thought of just staying at home instead of going to their respective provinces.

But on the other hand, the advantage is that there was an improved peace and order situation not just here in Pampanga but also in Metro Manila. People are more disciplined and policemen are more vigilant. I was watching the tv when I learned that even belts with buckle are not being allowed inside the cemetery. Funny but its true since it can also be used as a weapon.

One thing that was new to me here in Pampanga is the visibility of not just policemen but also Fire Marshalls. There was a table for PNP and the other one is from the Bureau of Fire Protection. There was free medical check up set up to help injured people. You can even have your BP checked while inside the cemetery. Cool, huh??!

I just hope that every year the situation keeps on improving so that no one will get hurt and everyone gets to enjoy. Well, we just need some practice I guess! :)

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