Wednesday, April 8, 2009

siLenT m0De ...

Since it is Holy Week, I decided to lie low to my internet life. I planned of resting from mundane activities and be back to basics. As the priest (from the TV mass) said earlier, all we need to do now is to be back to simple things and remember what GOD did for us.

HOLY Week is not only about remembering what happened thousand of years ago. As we think of God's sacrifice for all of us, we should also act and do some good deeds. Being sincere in our act of contrition and helping less fortunate ones are some ways to show our sincerity.

This year's Holy Week is the most meaningful for me. I just want to share some things (and I hope you won't find me boastful) which I am proud to have accomplished. I started this week with a very good activity. Thanks to my friend, Ferds who started a Feeding Program for less fortunate children. Since it is his birthday, he thought of sharing his blessings to others. He may not be rich, but in his own simple ways he reaches out to others. I am very blessed to be part of his mission and we visited Sta Lucia Resettlement which is a far place somewhere in Mauaque. Though the travel was quite long, it was worth it since we were able to feed more than 200 persons which includes children and adults. We gave out chicken arrozcaldo, boiled eggs and juice. Our mission started at 9AM and ended at 5PM. It was a whole day affair but I felt restless. And to all the vounteers namely Ces, Deb, Renz, Sai, Ate Kai and of course Ferds I want to thank you all for sharing a memorable day with me.

** Photos will be posted soon **


Yesterday, I was able to have a one on one confession. Previously, I was doing it on my birthday but this year, I thought of joining the Lenten Season Confession. I arrived at the Cathedral at around 7Pm and to my surprise, I saw 3 long lines. While waiting for my turn, I was observing the people inside the church. There was a short procession (which I was not aware of) attended by a few persons. The church was so solemn and very conjucive for confession. After almost an hour of waiting, I was the one next in line. It was more of a personal confession since you are in face to face with the priest. It was not the conventional confession inside the confession box. Priests are facing the altar and the person is seated beside him. It was a short confession for me since I already know what to tell the priest. After around 10 minutes, I was given the absolution and the chance to talk to HIM with all my heart. I felt relieved and forgiven after that. So, before I slept I prayed again thanking HIM in giving me such a chance to repent.


Tomorrow is the most awaited Good Friday. As a yearly tradition, there will be a long procession. This year's procession is more organized since they are asking people to wear black shirts (for men and women) and skirt for women. Unlike before, you can wear anything but this year it is more conservative. Sleeveless and spaghetti straps are not allowed as well as shorts. Aside from this, it is also my husband's tradition to visit their relatives in Sta Lucia where a lot of foods are being prepared. That includes our favorite okoy and other foods except meat. Relatives from other places also visit so it becomes a yearly reunion.


By the way, my long awaited training starts on April 13-24, 2009. I think I will not have an internet life since I will be focusing on my training. It will be a 2 week training and I won't be able to go home during week ends. I have started packing my things so I won't forget some stuff. Since it will surely be a busy day on Monday (due to people going back to Manila), I will be leaving on Sunday to be more relaxed by Monday.


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