Saturday, April 25, 2009

iM baCK!!!

i was out for a two week trng held at the USSC Main Office in Cubao. it was a tough training but i really enjoyed it. we stayed at Fernandina 88 Suites hotel the whole duration of the training. i experienced a very busy Manila life. the hotel is located infront of Ali Mall, beside SM Cubao and near Gateway and Farmer's. staying beside these malls is cool but of course, very costly. one good advantage is that, it is accessible to the commercial area and on the other hand, it entails a higher cost of living.

before i left, i was praying about my whole stay. i was asking for nice room mates, good training and nice environment. all my prayers were answered! we were eight (8) in a two bedroom suite and all of us came from the Luzon area. the other room was occupied by Visayas and Mindanao peeps. two of my roommates came from Pangasinan, two from Batangas, two from Laguna, one from Cabanatuan and me. most of them are younger than me and i became their eldest sister. our relationship was good and harmonious. even the two guys from the other room were nice and gentlemen.

we never stopped taking pictures. we had a lot from the bedroom, living room and even at the classroom. i will be posting the pics later.

the training itself was fine. discussions were lively and very informative. modules were delivered in a manner that everyone can understand.

my first week was slow but when the final week arrived, it was so fast that we do not want to go on separate ways. our final exam was tough. there were a lot of manual computations, comprehension of policies and hands on exam. we took the exam for a whole day. yes! i did not exaggerate it okay? it's true! we started the exam at around 9AM. we were lucky to take the computation part first. by 12 noon, we have not finished the written exam. it was a 5 part-exam! finally at around 3 PM, i passed my paper and started the hands on exam. it also took me around 4 hours to finish all the commands. at 7 PM, hubby was already calling asking if i will go home that night. so, i finished everything since i was so excited to go home hahahha

the goodbye part was the most difficult. we were sad to part ways but excited to be back at home and start our career. some of my batchmates started working yesterday, others today and some (including me) tomorrow. i feel like it is my first day on my first job. this is totally different from a call center so i have an exciting feeling. i hope everything goes well for me.

i am now trying to fix all the pics taken and hopefully i can post them tonight. my new friends are all waiting to see our pics.

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