Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mY faVe BooKs

Recently, I've been reading a lot. There are several reasons why I do this. Since I am not yet working, I make sure not to make my mind idle. Reading is one way of learning while at home. It also kills boredom. Once my hubby fell asleep, I have no one to talk to but my pc and my books. Reading keeps me busy and at the same time gives me a lot of knowledge. And the most important reason is, I get inspiration from books.

I have listed some of my favorites.

Author : Ru dela Torre
Topic : This book is dedicated to all teens who want guidance. There are a lot of inspiring stories and quotes here that will really help teens and younger people in their daily spiritual lives.
Most of all, there are bible verses which can help a person follow the right path.
Dedicated to : Young adults and teens

Author : CityLand Foundation Inc. and OMF Literature Inc.
Topic :
This book contains 31 brave manifestations from people whose faith were reborn after experiencing trials and obstacles in life. These people stood up for the Lord even after committing mistakes which even came to the point of not believing in GoD.
Dedicated to : People who are losing hope because of all the trials experienced and mistakes committed.

Author : White Stone Books
Topic : This book contains life changing stories of couples who really worked hard to live with their faith through God's way. All the stories are inspiring which will help each couple to be stronger and make God the center of their relationship.
Dedicated to : Couples who are struggling and those who wants to make their relationship more stable.

Author : Robert Fulgrum
Topic : This book contains several stories which will inspire all of us.
These were stories from the author's own experiences. Simple and short stories yet gives us lessons which we can apply in our every day lives.
Dedicated to : People who are young at heart

Author : Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Hanoch McCarty and Meladee McCarty
Topic : This book contains inspiring stories about love, kindness, parenting, teaching and learning, death and dying, perspective, overcoming obstacles and eclectic wisdom. This is one of best books (for me) since each story leaves us something which we can apply in our daily lives and with our interaction with people.
Dedicated to : People who needs inspiration through other person's stories

Author : Bo Sanchez (This is the first inspirational book that I have read. This is a type of book which you want to read from cover to cover.)

Topic : All the stories were properly chosen and very inspiring. It really makes life easier and more optimistic. The stories in this book were actual experiences of the author. Stories which he encountered in his daily life where God worked in mysterious ways.
Dedicated to : People who needs proof that GOD works in our daily lives


dylan said...

fren aku itng chicken soup iyang peka peborit ku hehehe :D

jEYbi said...

wapin fren... it is everyone's fave ata eh... bsta binasa me, for sure you will get something out of it.

let us keep on readin'!

enJAYneer said...

bo sanchez galing.. :D