Friday, February 12, 2010

mY AdVaNcE bDaY GiFt

Days are fast approaching and in less than a month, I will be celebrating my 29th birthday.
I can't ask for anything more since I am very happy with my married life. Moreover, I have a stable job and a lot of good friends.

But few months before, I've been eyeing on a certain watch. I really love it but then it was kinda pricey. One day, I told myself that I will be able to buy it :)

One fine day, (when we were at the mall), my hubby saw me looking at it over and over again. He noticed that I really love the watch but he said nothing. But last January 29, I visited the store again and to my surprise, it was on 40% off!!! I really got excited and told myself that it was my lucky day. Guess what? Hubby decided to buy it for me. He told me that it would be an advance birthday gift. Not bad huh?

Presenting.... Timex Chronograph edition :)


dylan said...

i lab it! pretty birthday gift that you deserve :)

Nicole said...

love the gift! such a sweet hubby of yours. :)

AiDiSan said...

congrats fot getting the gift you truly like. we really need to have that will power and law of attraction to be able to get what we want.