Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I MissEd iT!

It was more than a month since I last visited and updated this blog. grrrr!!!

It's not that I was lazy or busy, rather, the dsl connection went totally bad and crazy!
For more than 10 days, we had no connection. We kept on reporting it to PLDT but their CSRs kept on saying the same thing.
"The connection was affected by the global problem blah blah blah. " We really got tired and so after more than 2 weeks, the connection was slowly restored. And to our surprise, it was not like before. It is slower now compared before and I really felt bad.

I missed playing Restaurant City and YoVille. In addition, my emails went unread. Friendster went idle as well as Facebook.

What would life be without internet? Can you imagine that?How dull could it be?

For now, I just need to bear with it. Though it is slower than usual, I really have no choice.
But we are starting to look for other options like Cable or maybe upgrade.

I am really glad that I am back! I can say, with a vengeance :)

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